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Beneath a Nameless Sky

Mr Stern Pose 4 PNG.png

Well, aren’t you a clever doll, finding your way back to me.


My children call me Stern.


I can make you a perfect child, make you a perfect doll, make you Vidian. That is, if you stop pretending you don’t know who I am.


I can see you’re thinking about Crawl Space.


Me and him go back a long way, but we are completely different egregores.


If you choose the goat instead of me, don’t be surprised if you end up all hooves and no artistry. It’s that beautiful fusion of flesh and metal you and I desire, and that makes us special, dear.


So, be a good kid and find out more…

'Beneath a Nameless Sky' takes an amnesiac protagonist through a world they don't belong in - a brutal hellscape filled with things that used to be human, but now resemble either mechanised corpses, or twisted monsters from a goat-man's nightmares.

Stern is summoning You.

Crawl Space is summoning You.

Something else draws You ever further into this. 

'Beneath a Nameless Sky' is Book 1 of the Black Paintings series. To find out more about the co-author of these stories, and to meet Stern's rival, you'll have to press this button...

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