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A Better Place for All

Fae Holding Laptop Final 29 Nov 2022.png

This is Fae. She is a young homeless woman on the streets of England, who wants more from life than scavenging with her mother and avoiding Worriers. She wants to be an artist, and to be wanted in the world. There's an egregore who delivers a laptop wrapped in a barbed wire bow who wants the same for her.

'A Better Place for All' finds our young protagonist in a darkly impassioned moment of her life where she is introduced to a world of people just like her - Vidians, ambitious artists turning people into works of art using barbed wire, metallic masks, and shards of stained glass.


She might fall in love.

She might discover a new mentor.

She might allow her soul to fall to the Black Path.

'A Better Place for All' is Book 2 of the Black Paintings series. To find out more about the co-author of these stories, you'll have to press this button...

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