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Michael F Simpson

Writer and Photographer of Dark, Weird and Surreal Fiction

Surreal Horrors

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Black Paintings

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The Black Paintings are a series of horror novels I'm writing with Eli Wilde. Eli is a writer who takes stories to some dark places, while still keeping those stories nuanced and affecting, and keeps a level of focus that will be perfect for what I hope will be a really frightening series of stories. I'm excited to be able to share the first Black Painting - 'Beneath a Nameless Sky' - some time soon.

Me and Eli have been working alongside some fantastic horror illustrators, using our descriptions from these books to create the image of the dolls you see above, as well as a host of other surreal and disturbing characters.

I can't wait for you to see what's coming. For now, let's talk about the first novel...

About Michael F Simpson

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There are two sides to Michael F Simpson's brain.

One side is stuck in the world of stories, and the other is stuck in the world of dreams. Unfortunately, he can't remember which side is which anymore.

Michael writes books that combine something unreal with something very real, creating weird, affecting books that are open to interpretation. He also writes Analysis blog posts about his favourite stories on this website, as well as book reviews over on Goodreads.



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